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MergingMinds International
The global business accelerator


Connecting corporates and start-ups

MergingMinds connects Corporate Innovation teams with technology startups with the goal to collaborate and solve global problems with combined innovations. We support our corporate partners' innovation strategies with tailored scouting and investment programs. Through various levels of partnership, we provide corporate partners with exposure to our ecosystem and access to qualified and strategically aligned early-and-growth stage startups.


“Partnerships between incumbent players and start- ups are the way forward for the Fourth Industrial Revolution to be sustainable in the long term. We are talking about a model where start-ups use technology to add value to existing players without necessarily disrupting them.


Building an innovation strategy at a massive company is a huge challenge. We simplify that by helping you connect to the startups that can directly impact your business and technology goals. We empower specific business units from our corporate partners by pin-pointing their business challenges and matching these directly to startups with the right solutions.

For Start-Ups

Revenues and independence from external capital

Success story for future sales

Scalable customer base

Low-risk internationalization

Attractive retail channel

Access to proprietary assets

Market knowledge and mentoring

For Corporates

External innovation and disruption

More innovative suppliers

Customer focus

Entrepreneurial and more agile culture

Staying on-top of market developments

New revenue streams and business lines

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