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The MergingMinds International Team

MergingMinds International is a strong believer in collaborative innovation, we built our team and platform around this philosophy. As serial entrepreneurs and corporate executives with decades of experience scaling and exiting companies successfully, we have the expertise to support and guide our members during every process of their entrepreneurial journey.

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The determining success factor of innovation is not the act of creation but the ability to bring a well-supported

creation successfully to large markets. Going global fast is a mentality that Silicon Valley technology companies

and investors have been implementing with great success. Europe on the other hand is lagging in their going

global initiatives and execution. European companies tend to go after complete local dominance before the

thought of global expansion crosses their mind. This difference in mentality places European ventures at a

major disadvantage.


MergingMinds International supports European technology companies with their US market entry initiatives to ignite their

global presence. We believe that any company should be able to test product-market-fit in the US with low

risk, reasonable cost, and the right tools and network to enable success. Thus, MergingMinds offers a multistep

solution designed with different service modules to be integrated based on timing and best fit.

MergingMinds has the framework to bring unique product and service solutions to the US starting in Florida.

Through our platform, our dedicated and active team members, mentors, and partners will connect with and

join selected companies in executing their unique market entry initiatives.

MergingMinds International provides a go-to-market initiative for its members at a cost and speed that would otherwise

not be available. Our program offers European companies access to a platform to test their value proposition

and market fit in the US by engaging with a mix of potential customers, strategic partners, and industry experts.

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Managing & Operating Partners

Our managing partners, operating partners, mentors and advisors possess the ability to transform ideas into real world applications and businesses. We are serial-entrepreneurs and former corporate executives with decades of experience scaling and exiting companies successfully. Our committed and active mentor network consists of angel investors and industry experts with a unified vision of educating, supporting, and funding the next group of visionary entrepreurs.

Dieter Kondek


 Co-Founder & Managing Partner


venture capital, global business scaling, 4 exits with 1 IPO


Tampa, FL





Alexander Renz


Operating Partner


Technologies, Energy, Telecommunications, Smart city, IoT


Seattle, Washington State




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Mentors & Advisors

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Our mentors and advisors work hand in hand with the project teams to support the soft-landing companies in their local ecosystems. We leverage our international mentor and advisor network and our partnerships with regional technology hubs, coworking spaces, service providers, universities and strategic allies across the state of Florida as well as in Europe. Thus, we offer a framework that acts as a Global Business Accelerator that can support these promising companies with their efforts both in Europe and the U.S. We aim to provide our client companies with the connections and resources to scale operations, collaboration with corporates & universities, find funding if necessary, and receive mentorship from our global industry experts.

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